The Spirit of Redd Mountain

The idea for this story came from an article about the Native Americans who believed in the spirits of the animals they killed for food, and would honor the memory of the animal.  Around the same time, a client was in and talking about reincarnation and their views of it being that the spirit returns to finish work left undone or resolve an issue.  It occurred to me that it would then be theoretically possible for a man who died protecting others to come back and continue his work.  This led to the idea, that if he died because of a hunter, why not have him come back to protect the animals.  The next step was that this would create a legend and this would draw the original hunter back and provide for a chance to close the circle, so to speak.  Then it was just a matter of filling out the cast of characters to be in attendance.

I have drawn on people I have met over the years in my vacation trips to Montana, New Mexico and Utah.  All of them were the good guys; of course, the bad guys were also a compilation of others I have known with some of those negative traits.  I always work to make my characters be-livable, drawing upon those traits, attitudes and resolutions I have seen in my practice.

No one is all bad, and no one is all good, but I believe that most of us really want to do well.  I believe it was John Wayne who once said, “A hero is just a scared man doing what he knows he has to do”.  My father once told me that our job is to do good for others, just for the sake of doing the right thing, not for any reward.  So for you, Dad, I feel I did the right thing by you here.

I hope that those of you who read this story feel the same way.  I would love to hear from you, either way.